Xpadder 2015.01.01

Xpadder is a program that allows you to customize the input from any gaming controller, vastly improving compatibility

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Xpadder 2015.01.01
Xpadder 2007-11a

Xpadder is a Windows program that lets you use and customize practically any gamepad with any application regardless of built-in support.

Xpadder is a paid program with a modest cost that has a place in the toolbox of any Windows user who owns a gamepad or game controller. Windows doesn’t play nicely with all controllers and particularly older controllers that don’t receive updated drivers. Furthermore, many programs and even games have no gamepad support even if Windows does support a particular device. Xpadder is the solution to both of those problems, and it provides a broad selection of presets and customization options.

A very convenient aspect of Xpadder is that it doesn’t require installation. You can launch directly from a Zip file. That means that you can maintain it on a USB flash drive or SD card and take it with you wherever you game. That portable archive will include all of the custom data you’ve generated. The program also supports many languages, and you can have whatever language files you need in that archive as well.

Xpadder provides full keyboard and mouse emulation support, which is how it supports any gamepad. The program maps gamepad movements and events to mouse movement, mouse clicks, keyboard button presses and so forth. So, even if a program doesn’t support gamepads, Xpadder provides user inputs that it does support. This allows for gamepad support even for emulated games, DOS games and Web-based games. It even allows support for non-games. Use a controller for presentation software, video players, surfing the Internet, spreadsheets and whatever else you can imagine.

The mapping of gamepad events to keyboard and mouse events are maintained in profiles. You can create, save, and load profiles. Have multiple profiles for controllers and games. Xpadder comes with a large database of profiles for known controllers. It even has pictures for all of those controllers so that you can match your gamepad to an image if you don’t know the name. Create a custom profile. Share your profile so that others can use it, or download a profile that someone else has shared.

Xpadder provides a visual guide for mapping elements of a controller, which makes it easy to map any aspect of your controller to any aspect of your mouse or keyboard. You can even map buttons to multimedia controls so that you can, for instance, adjust music volume on the fly as you play a game. Even rumble and advanced tune options are supported, and the app has a test bed so that you can evaluate behavior before using the profile in an actual game.

The biggest issue with Xpadder is that it hasn’t been updated for Windows 10. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work. It does via compatibility mode, but that’s an unnecessary step. Additionally, the UI aesthetic doesn’t mesh well with the new look and since much of the UI is custom, an update may far off.


  • Use any gamepad with your PC
  • Remap buttons and movements
  • Large database of known controllers


  • Not updated for Windows 10

Xpadder is a software program that allows people to utilize their own game pad to play games, rather than the keypad or the mouse. This is extraordinarily helpful, because many people find that working with the keypad or mouse is uncomfortable or not nearly as effective a method of playing a game, since the game pad is what they are used to. There are a large number of different features that Xpadder provides to its users.

One advantage is that a player is able to use the program to emulate using a keypad or a mouse when playing a game. This will cause the game to think that a player is using the correct tools, rather than a game pad. This feature allows games that would ordinarily require uncomfortable tools to be played with a device that many gamers have become very familiar with. Both Internet and DOS games will work well with Xpadder, allowing the program to be utilized in conjunction with pretty much every other game.

A second advantage is that the program is able to run straight from the zip file, rather than needing to be installed. This will allow the program to be used without taking up space on the hard drive of a computer. This space can be used to install more games and other media. It also keeps the computer from slowing down and having a hard time running games.

Players are able to play multi-player games in the same room, each on their own game pads. This is much more efficient than the previous system, in which many games required some players to move using the arrow keys for a game, and for the second player to use the "A," "S," "D" and "W" keys. It is also possible to customize the different controls on the pad, including whether or not it will provide a "force feedback" rumble. Other options for making the game pad as player-specific as possible are available. Many different profiles, each with its own customized specifications, can be created. When a person uses the game pad, he or she will choose the appropriate profile.

All sound in these games is able to be controlled using designated keys on the pad, allowing the player to control the comfort of his or her environment without having to find the remote or perform any other actions. All of the controls can be assigned to the game-pad buttons. It is also possible to use a game pad with a web browser and many other applications that are available on Windows, making the overall experience for the user much more efficient and enjoyable.


  • Able to Emulate both a Mouse and Keyboard
  • Multiple Profiles Available
  • Sound Can be Controlled by Hotkeys
  • Multiplayer Capabilities
  • Runs Straight from a Zip File; No Installation Needed
  • Able to Customize Force Feedback


  • Only Available on Windows; Not Available on Mac Operating Systems
  • Doesn't Actually Work with Every Type of Controller

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